Cloud technology

Cloud technology - MyScal®

Multiplatform solution

The development of myScal® software is based on modern technology. myScal® is designed and technically positioned in the "cloud", ie it works on the principle of Saas structure. This allows it to work equally well on mobile devices, tablets and desktops, increasing availability and the degree of surveillance. To access the application, you only need a device with an internet connection and a web browser. All data and measurement results are stored in one place in the same format, ensuring the user mobility and consistency of data and minimized risk of human error.

Minimize investment costs

Saas software structure significantly reduces maintenance costs because there is no investment in computer equipment and supporting infrastructure. The user only pays for the service of using the application, while we take care of licenses and maintenance. The system performs automatic updates on all computers, enables faster exchange of information and data, and contributes to greater efficiency and lower risk of data loss.